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Effective Monday, June 27 the water restrictions are being reduced.  The raw water quality is improving and due to this we have been able to increase production to meet demand and begin refilling the storage tanks at the water treatment plant.

The following are the restrictions that will be in place from June 27 through July 5:

  • Lawns can be watered from 6 AM until 10 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Vehicle, driveway, windows or structure washing is prohibited
  • Any watering of outside plants or trees with a water hose should be done with an automatic shut-off spray nozzle.

Violations are subject to the following fines:

  • First violation $10.00
  • Second violation $25.00
  • Third violation $50.00
  • Blatant disregard for the restrictions may result in a reduced flow devise being placed in the meter.

We ask that you continue to monitor any non-essential use, but this reduction should give you the opportunity to water outside and still allow us to provide the entire system with potable water over this holiday period.

Thank you for your cooperation.